runs dedicated bhyve servers to host VMs with almost any OS: *BSD, Linux, Windows.


Kube! Kubernetes clusters in five minutes with our Telegram bot (coming soon)

Virtual machines

We offer:


Windows desktop

Remote desktop for Windows®-specific applications. No need to install Windows® or virtualization software on your computer. All-in-cloud!


Linux logo

Debian and Ubuntu—de-facto standard in IT industry!

Also available: CentOS, Arch, CoreOS, Fedora, OpenSuse and others.


OpenBSD official banner

Try power and simplicity of the world's most secure OS!


FreeBSD logo

Cheap FreeBSD Jails hosting with free dedicated ipv6 address.


Android logo

Use Android-only apps entirely in cloud; no more dependency on your phone!


Be private and use any website without restrictions with modern WireGuard VPN.


$60 per year for Linux/*BSD VMs
512M RAM, 50G HDD
+$10 / year for extra 512M RAM
+$50 / year for extra 50G HDD

Dedicated IPv4 on request.
Dedicated IPv6—WIP
Console access with ssh.
Reverse DNS upon request.
We accept PayPal and bank cards.

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Services and projects under development